James Boyle is the novelist author of four novels: The Ni’il Trilogy (urban fantasy) Ni’il: The Awakening (2008), Ni’il: The War Within (2009), and Ni’il: Waking Turtle (2011), and Deception Island (2015), t he first in a series of private detective mystery novels. A sequel to Deception Island, entitled To Hemlock Run is being edited for release in 2017.

His short stories have appeared in several magazines, including a flash fiction piece “Caution: Wild Cows in Road” in Corium Magazine, and “To Serve Cold,” and “The Grove” in Beyond Imagination. He published a collection of short fiction on Amazon Kindle named Menhir (2012).

He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and an organizer for the South Coast Writers Conference. He lives in Gold Beach on the Oregon coast where he is finishing his new novel.