The authorities say reporter Jason Reynolds’ father drowned in a boating accident, but Jason doesn’t believe it. His dad was a fishing guide, practically born on the water. An accident wasn’t likely.

Back home, Jason quickly finds evidence that supports his suspicions: missing files, a photo of a mysterious Asian man, and a letter threatening to evict his father for “acting against the interests of Lundgren Corporation.”

The company behind the company town.

Several things quickly become apparent: his father’s death wasn’t an accident; those responsible don’t want Jason asking questions; and they are aware of everything he does. As he and local deputy Danielle “Danny” Hayden begin to uncover the connections between his father, Lundgren Corporation, and the Japanese internment of World War II, they’re drawn into a contest of move and counter-moves, pitting Jason and his friends against the security forces of Lundgren Corporation.

Set on a fictional island near Washington’s San Juans, reached only by ferry, Jason, his friend Deputy Danielle “Danny” Hayden, and girlfriend Lisa Martin are all but cut off from the outside world as the mystery grows even more deadly. Lundgren’s corruption is everywhere. They don’t know who to trust. Soon, they are hiding from both Lundgren’s agents and the police while still trying to figure out just what it is that Lundgren is willing to kill to protect.

The stakes couldn’t be higher because Lundgren Corporation has proven they will do whatever is necessary to protect the secret on Deception Island.

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