Police Chief Dan Connor and Stephanie Amis return in this sequel to Ni’il: the Awakening to continue their battle with ni’ilaquo. This time the situation is different. They know exactly what kind of a monster they’re facing.

As the people of Placerton clean up from what they believe was just a very bad storm, Dan and Stephanie prepare for ni’ilaquo’s next move. Then a new player shows up with powers like theirs, but someone they’ve never sensed before. He is a Catholic priest from the Vatican, visiting Placerton to help them destroy ni’ilaquo. He belongs to a secret order that’s been fighting pagan gods for centuries and knows exactly how to win their battle.

It sounds like just what they need. Dan and Stephanie know they won the last time mainly through good luck. But something about the priest bothers Dan and he declines his help. His instincts are quickly proven correct when Placerton is ripped apart by hatred and violence. Soon even Dan’s friends are turned against him.

Dan and Stephanie must find a way to keep Placerton from tearing itself apart before they can even begin to fight their real enemy. Ni’ilaquo.


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